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Meet The Band

Comprised of Vic on guitar and vocals, Guille on drums and vocals, and Juan on bass and vocals, 2Lil2Late brings a wealth of musical experience to the stage. They come from different backgrounds and have played in numerous local bands. Their expertise and passion come together and create a powerful and captivating performance, guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.


Known for energetic and engaging shows, 2Lil2Late has become a favorite in the San Diego music scene. With their playlist spanning from the 70's to current hits, they have the ability to entertain audiences of all ages and musical tastes. Their infectious rock anthems and melodic ballads combine with their charismatic stage presence to make each show an unforgettable experience.
With a long history of playing music, and a deep love for performing, 2Lil2Late is dedicated to bringing joy and excitement to their fans. Get ready to Dance, sing along, and rock out with 2Lil2Late!